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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  August 28, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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its annual tomato fight. isis terrorists. good afternoon. welcome to "the real story." sources describe the alleged terrorists as a somali american from minneapolis dying on the same battlefield as another terrorists with a minnesota background, douglas mccain. this news comes as we get more on the 40 u.n. peacekeepers that have been taken prisoner by an unknown armed group in the same area between israel and syria where those peacekeepers were picked up formerlypturing
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curtis. it's an increasingly volatile situation. >> reporter: the threat to the united states from violence and chaos in the middle east seems to be growing every single day and it's now american citizens that most concerns u.s. officials. mohammad was reportedly killed in syria this past weekend while fighting alongside isis. the 29-year-old somalia american is the second u.s. citizen to be killed in syria by rebels who is also fighting along with islamic extremists. douglas mccain was also from minnesota. he left in the last few months from his home. u.s. intelligence officials are
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more than 300 americans right now fighting in the middle east and some of the more than 12,000 foreign fighters who have flocked to the region. now, the fear of course is foreign fighters are learning lethal skills and return home in the west or in the united states and launch attacks. in syria, many militants from the west and from the united states have taken hostage 43 filipino u.n. peacekeepers between israel and syria and another 81 are trapped. heavy fighting in that area left two israeli soldiers injured after a stray mortar crossed from syria into israel. now, islamic rebels have taken control of a border crossing there but israeli troops there are on the border and there's no fear that islamic extremists will push into israel. it's a well protected border on the part of israeli soldiers but of course there is heavy fighting going on across the southern part of syria right along that border and so there's
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always the concern that mortars or rockets will harm israeli soldiers and israeli citizens. >> thank you. very much. so al qaeda not to be outdone as isis builds its forces is calling for more attacks on u.s. soil. they're doing this in a new english language magazine published by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. one article in this lovely magazine urges car bomb attacks on highly populated u.s. targets. suggesting some places such as times square. the las vegas strip. and american energy and military interests like oil tankers and trains. also, the air force academy. the georgia military college and defense contractor general atomics are places they should work hitting with car bombs and explosives in the united states. scary stuff from this magazine. with me now is a marine gunnery sergeant and senior military
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adviser for concerned military members for america. we've seen these kind of things before. is there reason to believe this is an escalation? >> look at what happened in 9/11. we were sitting like sitting ducks and not prepared for attacks that happened. we're looking at a failure by this administration to ensure that we have peace. terrorism has increased by over 60% since they have gone into effect. what we're looking at is an increase of a probability of attack based on failed policies by this administration. none of us want to sit back and see another 9/11 but this publication clearly explains -- it's nine pages long -- explains how they can go about doing this. >> it gives specific instructions on bomb making and on targets as well. you hesitate to even talk about these things because you don't want to put ideas in anyone's head. you have to be aware of what is out there and what is being read by people perhaps like the ones that have been picked up in the
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battlefield in syria who came from minnesota. >> yes. okay. so this magazine has a nine-page spread. it's called how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. they are clear. even in areas where chemicals can't be obtained easily where there is high security, they describe how to go about and build one any way just like pressure cooker bombs used in boston. they give great detail. this is something that american public needs to stand up and demand security from this president because we don't have this. we're feeling very vulnerable now and as a united states marine, this is not what we decided to defend our country for and to know that we would be worse off today than we were after 9/11. >> you make a great point. because so many like yourself went to the fight the fight over there so we wouldn't have to fight it here. what do you think about the president's urgency in this matter? he continually says that we
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won't tolerate it and it has to stop. what do you see being done here. i'm very curious about this in terms of homeland security and our watch list and our terrorism list, which a lot of people in the past have said are bloated and are cya to a great extent frankly. >> this administration has not given me the sense of confidence that we are secure here in the united states. we see this with our borders. we see this with reports that isis is in our country right now. al qaeda coming out now trying to probably top isis is going to do that. this magazine article isn't k e catering to large groups. they're going after the lone wolf. they'll meet allah and allah will approve of what they're doing. we should not feel more vulnerable than we did on september 11th. this describes when to hit. it says don't hit on fridays because that's when -- hit on friday because that's when muslims will least likely be out. particularly the stores. they give names of in britain to
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strike. >> i think about the people who have been caught on airplanes. the couple of instances in the past ten years and it was always passengers who saw something and said something. i guess that's our biggest line of defense perhaps is to be very, very aware as americans as to what's going on across this country right now and if you see something, say something. thank you so much. see you next time. fox news alert on this. emergency session of the united nations security council today as russian tanks and troops pour into ukraine. russia is being asked at the u.n. to explain exactly what they're up to after top nato brass reports at least 1,000 russian troops crossing over that line into ukraine along with two columns of tanks batting ukrainian troops. this same issue the topic of questioning to the state department spokesperson right now and she says there's a
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patter of aggression in ukraine and the united states has a range of goals at its disposal. we're hearing news of casualties. we'll get a take on the briefing that's happening now and on this escalating situation in ukraine. so much going on in the world that you really need to stay on top of all of these issues. we'll get into that in a few moments as well. and this is a tragic development in the is sech for a new jersey man reported missing in israel. a source confirmed to fox that a body found in the forest near jerusalem is in fact that of american student aaron sofer. he was last seen on friday when he and his friend were hiking together on a steep trail and there were fears that he may have been kidnapped by palestinian militants. they scoured the forest with police dogs and came across some of the student's belongings before finding his body today. back to politics now. for a moment mitt romney, his
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name is everywhere this week, demand of the midterm campaign trail and keeping people guessing about prospects for 2016? will he make a third run at the white house? he's been denying it. the former massachusetts governor maybe cracked the door open just a tiny bit. listen. >> someone else has a better chance than i do. that's what we believe. that's why i'm not running and you know, circumstances can change but i'm just not going to let my head go there. >> circumstances can change. a lot of people reading into that phrase. but does somebody else have a better chance than he does? look at this poll th romney way ahead of the pack if iowa caucuses were held today. up in the 30s. 35% said he would get the vote if the leelection was held now. it's early on. mitt romney has name recognition that even these other well known
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candidates do not have at this point. do you attribute it to more than that? >> i don't know. i think it's clear that mitt romney is considering a run at this point. now, whether he will actually run in 2016 is very much an open question. if i personally bet on it, i would say he won't. there are a handful of polls showing that he's faring well in the republican field. for any candidate that has experience that romney has and mounted several runs for president would look at those polls to say should i jump in one more time? i think it's an open question. >> it seems you're right. there has to be some discussion going on in the romney camp and we saw him on with paul ryan laughing back and forth between the two of them. they've stayed close and supportive of each other which is interesting in and of itself. when you look at these polls, one done back in july showed that if mitt romney were to go up against barack obama again it would be 53% romney and 44% obama and that's about the opposite in the actual election.
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a little bit different. but here's a question. hillary clinton is a person he would have to beat at least as far as the field looks right now. he doesn't in these head to heads. 55% said they would vote for hillary clinton and 42% for romney. that can't make the gop feel too great about that option either. >> exactly right. mitt romney has in fact admitted that in several interviews saying he would not be the strongest candidate against hillary clinton. he's very focused on being a mentor to the next generation of republican candidates at this point. you mentioned his close connection to paul ryan who ran with him last time and he's in the field endorsing a lot of gop senate candidates this cycle before november. he's very interested in maintaining connections with lawmakers that are up and coming. that could be seen as building support for 2016 if he were to mount a run or he could just see himself as the elder statesman, grandfatherly figure interested in shaping the next generation.
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>> thank you very much. we'll see you next time. minnesota father of nine reportedly killed fighting for isis in syria. he would be the second american from minnesota. why is the state becoming a breeding ground in this one particular community for terror recruits? and the nypd on the lookout for a taxi driver who tried to rape a woman in his car while her kids were inside. unbelievable story. how this woman escaped. and joan rivers in the news today. she was rushed to the hospital. she stopped breathing on the operating table. the latest on joan rivers condition. new update after this.
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nypd is asking for the
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public's help after releasing this shocking video of a man posing as a cab driver trying to rape a woman in front of her three children. the suspect pulled one of the kids out of the car. this is just awful to watch. she was holding her baby and there's a struggle that ensues between the mother and this attacker. the baby is put back into the car. he elbows the child in a head and pulls the baby out of the car and throws it to the ground and pulls it back and pulls another child from the car. horrific experience. thankfully the children suffered only minor injuries physically. it must have been traumatic for them in this brutal attack. they are looking, no doubt, for that individual. hope they find him. let's go back to our top story today as we learn more about a second american reportedly killed in syria while fighting for isis. sources tell fox that the 29 year old was from the somali american community in
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minneapolis. another u.s. city douglas mccain grew up near minneapolis and died on the same battlefield fighting alongside isis. as many as 15 men from that same area have traveled to syria to join radical groups. what's going on in that american community? this is not the first time that we've heard of the somali area in minneapolis and individuals there becoming radicalized. why is this happening there? >> well, more somalis live in minnesota than any other state in the country. the fact the minneapolis neighborhood where those 15 young men came from is part of an estimated 40 from the greater minneapolis area that have joined islamic fighters abroad. we were in that area this past year. we can tell you from talking with folks there this is happening for a number of reasons. many young men are raised by single mothers who are refugees trying to keep their kids safe from drugs and gangs and send
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them to the safest place they know of, the local mosque, which one says has been teaching radical ideas for years. many young men don't feel like they fit into american society. they struggle to find steady jobs and are looking for a sense of purpose and belonging which is what terrorists groups promise them online through social media. >> the scenario that you point out is very understandable. what's being done to keep this radicalization from happening to these young men there? >> federal investigators have been working to build relationships with the local somali community for years. other than that, they don't say much. leaders in the local somali community say it's hard to keep up with the ever changing methods these extremists groups are using. >> we should know that al qaeda has come out with a way, they always change tactics. we should always be careful.
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>> he says terrorists groups are now targeting young women in the somali community recruiting them as nurses and then forcing them to marry other jihadists. >> we have not heard the end of that story i'm afraid. how about this, soccer parents unite. a lawsuit against fifa and youth soccer organizations looking to do more to protect children's heads from taking too many headers on the field. we'll talk about that. and the swirl in the sky causing deadly conditions in the waters below. the massive swells that hurricane marie is creating off california. and atlanta falcons fans are getting a chance for an up close and personal with the team's cheerleaders at their seats. is that appropriate? or is there perhaps a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen in this one. we'll tell you what's going on. that brings us to our question of the day. what would you like to be able to order directly over to your seat when you're in the football game? give me a tweet. we'll read your comments
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throughout the show. we'll be right back. ugh. heartburn.
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so this hurricane marie is causing some sear yours rip curls on the carolina coast. check out this video. wow. marie making monster waves that surfers love some topping 15 feet. it's also proving to be dangerous collapsing buildings as they slam on the shore killing at least one surfer in malibu earlier this week. >> a group of soccer moms and dads and former school aged player are suing over the sport charging that organizations
11:24 am
including soccer's international governoring body failed to do enough to prevent concussions in children. she want to change the rules including limiting headers for children 17 and younger. watch. >> there's been an epidemic of concussions in youth soccer. many start heading sockers balls at five or six years old and that's against their medical interests. >> geraldo, i'm never sure if there are more concussions now or if we're diagnosing them more. i do know that these kids are playing rougher younger and younger and younger. >> i don't know either. i do know that many of us embrace soccer as an alternative to football when we heard horror stories about concussions in football. the fact of the matter is that 173,000 american children under the age of 19 were treated for
11:25 am
brain injuries, sports related brain injuries last year. that's an epidemic. the concern of the parents it sounds at first rush another lawsuit and all of the rest but the fact of the matter is that a child's head is not fully formed until they are teenagers. i do believe that there is merit to the contention that headers, heading the ball in soccer, can be dangerous. >> my daughter played through high school and my son was playing on the playground and got a concussion playing soccer. interestingly. now they are showing these big black headbands that kids are starting to wear out there and perhaps -- that's the kind of thing -- no one is going to wear it unless everyone wears it. >> everyone should wear it. that is the point. i do believe soccer is a sport where you use different aspects of your body. i was a soccer goalie for a long time and into college. i don't think the kids should be
11:26 am
using their head at all. i really don't. when you saw the world cup and see those adult players and they have those collisions as they try to hit. it should be outlawed and phased in as they turn 14, 15, 16 years old and then let them use them more aggressively as they get older. i do believe that the risk does not -- the benefit doesn't justify the risk in this case. parents are right. >> what about fifa? nfl people coming out of the woodwork now suing for concussions. you have class lawsuits. a lot of people look at this story and say here we go again. people looking for money. looking for ways to sue. >> there's a couple interesting points. number one, parents are not looking for monetary damages in this case, which is very good. also you have fifa which is kind of a glacial organization. they do their own thing. the ncaa as you just and other pro leagues and colleges have understood now the danger from
11:27 am
brain injury. it's time for fifa to get onboard. i really do think with some simple rule changes -- for instance, not just the restricting the header but also why not have as a requirement that there be a medically trained person there for all of these games. maybe with an emt training or some kind of emergency medical so you can recognize a concussion. also, you know as we know our kids play soccer and you have substitutions. you have a restrictions on substitutions. why not make medical substitutions easier so you can take the kid out without being penalized in terms of competition. >> great point. i know you know joan rivers. it's been reported she's in stable condition now. she was rushed to the hospital. reports she's in stable condition. we're working to confirm that. any thoughts on her situation? >> she's a show business legend. i finished a six-week taping with joan who is filled with en ambition and vigor and talent. i love her. i'm so concerned.
11:28 am
these reports that she had a heart attack and her heart stopped while undergoing throat surgery. i don't know if it was cosmetic surgery. i don't know. last reports i've gotten that she's in stable condition. i have not confirmed that with the hospital in my neighborhood on the upper east side in manhattan but we are definitely monitoring it and hopes and prayers are with joan. the one and only joan rivers. >> we wish her well. thank you very much. so there is an emergency meeting this afternoon of the u.n. security council going on right now as russian tanks and troops roll across ukrainian border. what we can do to handle this escalating tension and president obama meeting with the national security council this afternoon to discuss another international hot spot. the growing threat of isis in iraq, syria and beyond. we are live at the white house next. ♪ [music]
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jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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fox news alert right now. a police shooting and killing of a suspect in an apparent bank robbery unfolding today in michigan. officers are searching for another suspect. officers in clinton township north of detroit searching on the ground and in the air. there's an aerial shot of the ongoing shot. this comes after the shots were first fired at bank of america just a short time ago. we'll let you know of developments there. in the meantime, there are more developments to tell you about on the crisis in ukraine. as we reported the united
11:33 am
nations security council voting in an open emergency session as ukraine's president says russian tanks and troops crossed the border. he stopped short of calling it an outright invasion. we've been watching convoys and tanks as they roll across that border for some time. nato put the number of russian soldiers inside the country at 1,000 with these satellite images highlighting the buildup and showing the sophisticated military equipment that soldiers have with them. state department weighing in on that activity. >> what we're seeing not just over the last couple days but certainly weeks and even months is a pattern of escalating aggression in ukraine from the russians and russian backed separatists and it's clear that russia has not only stepped up its presence in eastern ukraine and intervened directly with combat forces, armored vehicles and is actively fighting
11:34 am
ukrainian forces and playing a direct supporting role. >> unbelievable. joining me now fox news national security analyst and former deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration. kt, good to have you with us this afternoon. it's really amazing when you look back and what happened in crimea and that was sort of over in 24 to 48 hours and everyone was shocked and everyone said that's done. now they went to the posture of don't even try it in ukraine and now here we are. >> months later. i think that originally that was putin's plan for eastern ukraine. he was going to do it like he did crimea. moving quickly. take the area. have pro-russian ethnic russians in eastern ukraine declare they wanted to be part of russia. plan a didn't work because ukrainian government wised up and got serious about standing up to putin. i was in ukraine in june. it was quite clear they saw what was happening in eastern ukraine as an invasion but it was an
11:35 am
under the radar invasion that putin wasn't going to let it look like an invasion. he really wanted to destabilize eastern ukraine. this is an economic story as it is a military story. putin knows if ukraine is destabilized and keep it boiling that no europeans and no americans are going to invest in ukraine. they're not going to loan ukraine the money. they're not going to build up ukrainian industry and without a massive infusion of cash and loans and investment, ukraine by this winter is in really big trouble economically. at that point, they may be willing to make a deal with the russia on russian turf. >> i remember early on in this ukraine said we need money. we need 38 million a year something like that, more than that. i don't remember the exact number. we need that per year to keep going. and at that point when you're that desperate, you're likely to
11:36 am
go with whoever is willing to support you, right? >> russians were probably offereded a good deal. we're getting into cold weather in that part of europe. ukraine doesn't have enough to make it through the winter. russians cut off the floor of natural gas to ukraine so unless ukraine gets more russian natural gas on prices they can afford, they don't make it through the winter. it will be a cold, long, hard winter for them and at that point the ukrainian people who have historic ties to the russians may pressure their own government to say do a deal. it may not be the greatest deal but do a deal, any deal. >> both the united states and great britain have said you must cease. you need to get out of ukraine and that may be why we are stopping short of calling it an actual invasion at this point because we said that would not be tolerated. perhaps we're buying time in this situation. >> i think that's exactly right. >> thank you so much. we'll see you next time.
11:37 am
the president is meeting with his national security council just minutes from now in a session sure to include the latest on that situation that we just talked about and also the pressing situation with isis, syria, iraq and the published threat we've seen from al qaeda and the ukrainian situation i just mentioned. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the latest. important time at the white house. big decisions being made. >> reporter: an intense day here. aides say the president at this meeting will deal with both crises. this appears to be russian invasion of ukraine you were just talking about and isis' growing threat. you see the picture there. that was at the beginning of the month when the president was weighing with his national security team whether to launch u.s. air strikes against iraq. and now this afternoon we'll weigh whether to expand that air campaign into syria as well. the deal with isis. this coming another meeting as isis militants put out more
11:38 am
disturbing images in the last few hours of boasting about another 150 executions or so. this time of syrian soldiers that they were rounding up. clearly trying to stir this up more about their growing influence and not just in iraq but also syria receiving these disturbing images. just a few moments ago, james rosen was pressing the sportswoman at the state department saying it was one year ago this very week that president obama was mulling u.s. air strikes in syria. he pulled back. james was pressing on whether the president's failure to act a year ago helped lead to isis gaining strength. listen. >> last year the president made clear he did make a decision to strike. that he wanted to go to congress. the two are not conflicting. it wasn't a change of decision about what to do so. it was a change of decision about tactically how to do it. >> reporter: you can see e administration saying it was a
11:39 am
question of tactics but certainly a lot of tough questions for them now and in the days ahead about whether the president's failure to act a year ago which the administration tauted that the pressure they put on president assad in syria enabled him to turn over a large stockpile of chemical weapons. there was not a u.s. attack. the civil war has continued and we see isis' threat level growing by the day. >> a lot of people think it left that opening for isis to grow very strong during that whole period across the course of the last year. now, republicans are charging that for years the president has underestimated this threat from isis and that's part of this as well, ed. >> reporter: you heard the criticism the president a few months ago said this is the jv team. we don't have to worry about them. we have taken out core al qaedas and offshoots of al qaeda. they are a jv team trying to be the varsity team.
11:40 am
republicans rejected that. now you see pressure from the left about whether or not it's a smart strategy now to go into syria. there are questions about if you attack isis within syria with air strikes, does that strengthen president assad. makes the calculation difficult for the president. look at this editor al in "the new york times" today declaring there are too many unanswered questions to make that decision now and there's been far too little public discussion for mr. obama to expect americans to rally behind what could be another costly military commitment. you have republicans today saying that it's time for the president to bring all of this up for a vote up on capitol hill and get everyone on the record about where they are. listen. >> the president needs to lay out to the american people what his strategy, his plan is to deal with this direct threat to the united states. he's commander in chief. he needs to share that with the american people. i think he should not let congress off the hook. members of congress should be
11:41 am
asked and required to vote on his plan. >> reporter: there have been senate democrats saying they also want to see a debate and vote on potential u.s. military action in syria. so far the white house signalled they may go this alone without a vote on capitol hill. >> we'll see. all right. lots going on. ed, thanks so much. let's go over and check in with john scott in for shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. hi, john. >> we have a very bizarre story for you. the sister of the boston bombing suspects under arrest in new york facing charges for allegedly making a bomb threat. apparently it was against the mother of her boyfriend's child. why prosecutors claim the sister said i have people that can go over there and put a bomb on you. that's in the next hour from the fox news deck. >> crazy story. all right. thank you very much. so a s.w.a.t. team was called into a crime scene with guns blazing only it turned out there was no crime going on so
11:42 am
should s.w.a.t.ers behind this prank face consequences. how low can it go? you'll find out after this and how would you like to order up a cheerleader to your stadium seat. one team is letting fans do just that. strange, radio itight? we'll talk to one of those cheerleaders and find out what she thinks about it.
11:43 am
. . .
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a hoax gone really wrong. a colorado s.w.a.t. team storming an office building in search of a shooter but they found a video gamer instead. turned out to be a prank known as s.w.a.t.'ing. they drew heavily armed police to a scene where no crime had occurred at all. it's often used as revenge for
11:46 am
an online slight. trace gallagher is live with more on what's going on here. >> reporter: in this case the unanimous caller he shot two co-workers and holding a third hostage in littleton, colorado, which is the home of columbine high school and very near to aurora, colorado, the home of that mass theater shooting. shootings in this area are taken very seriously. in this case the gamer was in his office in littleton and he was playing a game called counterstrike. his office video camera was rolling the whole time. he captured the entire incident. watch. >> they're clearing rooms. what in the world? >> keep your hands up! get on the ground! get on the ground! hands behind your back.
11:47 am
>> all hands on deck scenario. not only did the hoax leave s.w.a.t. teams to taking down the gamer but they evacuated the building and nearby school. littleton police were not amused. >> it's real for us. this is not an online game. we have real guns and real bullets and there's potential for tragedy. >> reporter: if they find the person who did the s.w.a.t.'ing, they'll file charges. a teenager in long island who lost an online game of "call of duty" tried to get prevenge claiming the teen killed his mom and brother. the daylights were scared out of the mother and brother who were doing just fine. the actual victim in this case didn't hear anything because he still had headphones on and continued to play the video
11:48 am
game. scared mom and brother but didn't scare him at all. they're looking for the i.d. of the guy that called in that s.w.a.t.'ing call. not funny. thank you very much. bad trend there, folks. so one nfl team -- here's a lighter story for you. going above and beyond for their season ticket holders adding visits from a cheerleader right up in your seat in it the stadium. that's on the long list of perks they are offering. we're not kidding. we'll talk to one of those cheerleaders and she'll defend this practice for us coming up. ugh. heartburn.
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the holiday weekend. the average is $3.34 for a gallon of regular. fill 'er up before the big weekend. one of russia's largest banks is handing out cats as a sign of good luck. if you get a mortgage with them, they used to give toaster and heated blankets. you only get to keep the cat for a while and let it cross over your doorway which is good luck in russia. go figure. meet jyp the pomeranian, setting the record for the fastest dog on two paws. woohoo. 33 feet at his hind legs in 6.65 seconds. doesn't get any better than that, right? way to go. nicely done. that's backwards. that's a problem. all right. all right. to the story you've been waiting for, i know. a full slate of nfl games tonight marking the last night of preseason. regular season kicks off a week from now, and the packer will play the seahawks. one team has an idea to get fans excited, and some will get very excited. the atlanta falcons offering a special perk to all of their
11:53 am
season ticket holders. cheerleaders will come up to the stands and visit you at your seat as part of their memories rewards program. joining subcommittee jamie kelton, former cheerleader for the falcons. welcome. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me here. >> this caught a lot of attention. we asked people to tweet what they'd like, some said, oh, i'll take two cheerleaders ordered to my seat. it seems weird ordering someone to your seat, no? >> i think that america has misunderstood it. you know, it has to happen several days in advance of the game. it's not like you can say, oh, she looks cute, get her up here, i want to tell her something. that's not the idea. requesting cheerleaders and parent to come see you is not to see you. if you go on any team website, you can request cheerleaders to come to your children's hospital or business event. that idea is not new. i love the new way that the falcons are marketing it. and getting the cheerleaders even closer to the people who appreciate them. >> as a cherry leader, if you --
11:54 am
cheerleader, if you were still doing it, would you be worried? can they pick a specific girl and say, "i'd like that girl"? >> it's my understanding they don't get to pick a specific girl. no. i would welcome it. i think part of being a cheerleader is, yes, dancing on the field, being so close to the game. that is thrilling -- performing for 70,000 people. but also part of being a cheerleader is interacting with fans and engaging them and making them feel excited and getting to know them. that's what makes you real and relatable. >> have you ever been in a situation -- you can imagine somebody, even if they do it a few days before, being drunk in the stands and oh, you go up there -- i mean, i was a high school cheerleader. not a professional like you. but i think that would be uncomfortable. >> well, you know, i think that the cheerleaders have -- we're groomed to number those sorts of situations, close -- to be in those sort of situations, close to fans. i drove all over the state without a security detail and without being in the comfort of the georgia dome. so the falcons organization is
11:55 am
extremely classy, and i know that they wouldn't do anything to put the girls in a compromising situation. >> yeah. there's picture from the cheer -- the falcons are the only teaming too this, right? this -- only team doing this, right? i guess they did a little last year? >> i heard some teams do it, but you have to pay for it. i love that the falcons are rewarding fans that have been so loyal to them. i encourage the girls to be excited and encourage other teams around the nfl on do the same. >> fine with me as long as i can get tom brady to come to my seat. i'm on board. thanks. ba, ba, black shouldn't, have you any wool? this sheep -- black sheep, have you any wool? this sheep isn't black but has 50 pounds of wool. is that sheep hot? really, really warm. defiance is in our bones.
11:56 am
defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep. can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. new fiber one streusel.
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what a relief for sean the sheep. he finally got shoern after he was hiding in a cave for years. the 52 pounds of wool on the floor afterwards, looking like this still didn't cut it. the record remains at 60 -- come on! give him an award. that looks so uncomfortable. he produced enough material to keep a lot of people very, very warm this winter. what a relief. losing all that weight, huh? now that falcons' fans can get cheerleaders to come up to their seat and see them, i asked what do you want to order to your seat at the game. al says "beers and brats," no cheerleader for him. what else matter, right? eric wants to order headfountains to listen to the game and would like it plug them into his cheer. albert would like more leg room. and r would like to order a victory at one of their games. as i said, somebody said, no, one cheerleader's not enough, they want two. and i would like tom brady ordered up to my seat.
12:00 pm
thank you very much. thanks for being part of the "real story." great to be with you. jon scott is in today. russian invasion. the u.s. and nato report russian troops are pouring across ukraine's border along with convoys of weapons and vehicles. a rebel leader claims those troops aren't fighting, they're simply on vacation. plus, the feds now said to be investigating a major cyberattack on at least one big u.s. bank. so who is responsible? and is your money safe? and a deadly brain-eating amoeba in one local water system. officials say the water is safe to drink -- just don't let any of it get up your nose. first from fox, the president and his top security advisers are about to gather in the white house situation room for a closed door meeting on the threat of the islamic state. that meeting scheduled for the top of the next hour along with a br


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